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ABOUT THE Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship

The purpose of the Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship (CTE) is to prepare undergraduate students majoring in either engineering or business, who plan on pursuing careers in technology-driven industries. The certificate program is designed for those students who would like to develop a cross-disciplinary perspective of technology using both engineering and business skills.


The CTE program mission is to prepare students for the types of interaction that will inevitably be a part of their future work environment, business students will take an engineering class and engineers will take a business class. Students will learn basic vocabulary appropriate to the counterpart program, as well as take two courses (6 credit hours) together in a team environment, working on projects and developing new ideas.

Limited Space Available!

(9 total hours required)

    • Fall Semester
      • For Engineering Majors: BA 3302, Financial and Managerial Accounting.
      • For Business Majors: IE 4320, Fundamentals of Systems.
    • Spring Semester (all majors together, and classes taken simultaneously)
      • MGT 4376, Entrepreneurship II: discovering entrepreneurial opportunity.
      • IE 4331, Individual Studies in Industrial Engineering: engineering entrepreneurship.

You must see your advisor to enroll in the CTE classes.You will not be able to enroll online by yourself.

Learn more about the required classes here (for Business Majors and for Engineering Majors)         

See your advisor to enroll!